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Title Search 24/7

Official nationwide Title Search company for any real property.

Title Search 24/7 is an official nationwide Title Search company for any real property. Once your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail with an Order number. Your Title will be researched and examined by licensed searchers and will be emailed to you in PDF format between 24-48 hours. Title Search 24/7’s comprehensive Title Search Report provides an easy to follow breakdown of ownership information, open mortgages, mortgage assignments, liens, judgments, foreclosure judgments, bankruptcy search results as well as tax payment status.


As a premier partner in National Title Searching, we are committed to a leadership position in the Title Search Industry by maintaining uncompromising standards of performance in serving our clients.We measure our success by delivering the very highest level of service characterized by timeliness, accuracy, integrity and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. We deliver efficient, economical services with tangible results.

The right relationship is everything.

Our extensive nationwide database of highly qualified abstractors is continuously updated and maintained. We strive to keep our software cutting edge for your business needs.

Flexible Pricing

Contact us at sales@titlessearch247.com, or call (866)744-6247, for special pricing based on your search volume.

Additional services

We also offer Notary, eNotarizing, eSigning, eClosing and eRecording services. Call (866)744-6247 or visit www.notarize247.com to sign up for a complimentary Notary Service.

Trust your title searches with a company as committed to security as you are

As a SOC2 Certified Datacenter,we adhere to the highest level of regulatory data compliance standards by maintaining and undergoing:
Data security,process integrity,privacy and confidentiality.
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
Documented physical and compliance standards.
Yearly external audits by major banking institutions.

We are committed to your success

Title Search 24/7 will greatly improve the efficiency of your company and enhance the customer service you provide by reducing time and costs throughout the entire loan processing cycle.

The Best Combination of Service, Turn time and Pricing Nationwide
After hour service available 24/7